Fishing Vessel Energy Audits Completed

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Pacific cod sustainability certification underway

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2014 Winners of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood – Tilgner’s Ruby Red Smoked Sockeye


Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation announced the winners of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood - an annual contest for new products made from Alaska seafood. The competition enlists chefs and industry experts to pick the best new seafood products each year. The winners were announced at the Gala Soiree in Anchorage on February 13, 2014, where contestants, industry representatives, media and … Read More »

Alaska Mariculture Initiative recommended for NOAA funds!

NOAA has recommended AFDF receive Saltonstall-Kennedy grant funding for the Alaska Mariculture Initiative which will expedite the development of the mariculture industry in Alaska through a strategic planning process. The vision of the Initiative is to grow a $1 billion industry in thirty years. For more information, view the Concept Paper. … Read More »