Fishing Vessel Energy Audit Pilot Program


The Alaska Legislature recently appropriated funds to AFDF to create a fishing vessel energy audit pilot program.   Although the Governor still has to approve the budget, AFDF is hopeful the funding will remain in place, because the program is perfectly aligned with the state’s goal to increase energy efficiency 15% statewide by 2020.  The State of Alaska already has voluntary energy audit … Read More »

MSC Certification Update – May 2012


Pacific Cod Certification Update AFDF is currently preparing the client report for the 2nd Annual Surveillance Audit for the Marine Stewardship Council’s certification of sustainability for Pacific cod.  More than 20 companies participate to support the certification effort, and AFDF has been successful at maintaining the client requirements, and closing out the conditions on schedule according … Read More »

2012/2013 Alaska Symphony of Seafood

Sammy the Salmon

This year’s 19th Annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood was a huge success by any measure: attendance, ticket sales, industry support through sponsorships, number of product entries and marketing exposure. In short, it was the “best ever” based on many attendees comments. The Symphony’s winning products were a big hit at the International Boston Seafood Show; these included the Grand Prize winner, … Read More »

MSC Salmon Program Press Release

 January 17, 2012 Press Release AFDF has received letters from eight major primary salmon processors advising AFDF they are phasing out their financial support for the Marine Stewardship Council salmon certification program. Collectively these processors account for approximately 72% of the Alaska salmon harvest. They have given us notice they will support the MSC program for Alaska salmon … Read More »

Dates for the 19th Annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood Set

        Judging event and reception for our 19th Annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood new products contest will be held in Seattle on Thursday, February 2, 2012, followed by Gala Soirée and Awards Ceremony in Anchorage on Friday, February 10, 2012. The event's multiple locations give fisheries and seafood promoters the opportunity to introduce new and innovative … Read More »

MSC Certification Updates – December 2011


Salmon Certification Update This is an update on the MSC certification of Alaska salmon assumed by AFDF in February 2010 from Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). Since that time, AFDF has conducted site visits for the 2nd (2009), 3rd (2010) and 4th (2011) Annual Surveillance Audits (ASA) and has also scheduled the site visit for the 2nd Recertification for January 23rd - 25th, … Read More »

2011 18th Annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood

2011 Alaska Symphony of Seafood Logo

The 18th Annual 2011 Alaska Symphony of Seafood conducted by Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation is scheduled as a 3 event celebration of new Alaskan seafood products this winter. The 2011 Alaska Symphony of Seafood will kick off in Seattle with the judging event and reception for seafood industry insiders and invitees on February 3rd @ the Palace Ballroom. The judging results will be kept … Read More »

2010 17th Annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood

2010 SOS Logo

The 17th Annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood new seafood products contest has been funded and the Call for Products has been distributed by Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF). For the last 16 years, with the help of several generous industry sponsors such as Alaska Seafood Marketing Board, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Trident Seafoods, American … Read More »

Sponsorship of “Energy Use in Fisheries” conference in Seattle, November 14 – 17, 2010

AFDF has requested funding through AKSSF to provide sponsorship for the International Symposium on Energy Use in Fisheries in Seattle, November 14 – 17, 2010. • Keynotes, plenary with invited speakers, special sessions with panel discussion, concurrent oral sessions, poster session. Click here for more information » … Read More »

AFDF’s RFP for $100 K in Salmon Grant Funding

AFDF's Board of Directors chose 4 of the 6 proposals submitted for funding, and project approval notices have gone out to: 1) Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association for a Salmon Industry Education & Awareness Campaign; 2) Port of Juneau for planning for a Direct Marketing facility for the Juneau Harbor; 3) Kodiak Chamber of Commerce for a "Kodiak Sustainable" campaign to raise … Read More »