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Please consider becoming a member of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF). Member support of AFDF is an integral part of the only statewide organization which focuses on research and development issues for the seafood industry.

The list of challenges and opportunities is long, but exciting! Highlights of AFDF’s recent work include the following:

  • Alaska Symphony of Seafood21st annual event in 2014 – Over 400 unique products entered during 20 successful years of encouraging the development of new products made with Alaska seafood
  • Energy efficiency & alternative energyFishing Vessel Energy Audit Pilot Project – 12 vessels audited in 2013 & final results to be distributed in 2014
  • Sustainability certification of Pacific cod – recertification started in 2014
  • Fish waste and by-product development – sponsorship of “Innovation Summit 2014” with guest speaker Thor Sigfuson, from the Iceland Ocean Cluster
  • Alaska Mariculture Initiative – Mariculture is an unrealized potential in Alaska that could provide significant economic benefits to fishermen, processors, farmers, support businesses & coastal communities. AFDF is committed to the identification of hurdles & solutions for increased seafood production through mariculture – enhancement, restoration and aquatic farming of shellfish and marine plants.

Your membership helps AFDF continue this important work which benefits your long term business and community interests. In addition to AFDF’s work, you will also receive the membership benefits listed in the Membership Application. Annual membership terms are January-December. Please take the time to submit your tax deductible membership.

You may use our online form to become a member online by clicking the link below and filling out a short form.

Or, you may download a membership form by clicking a link below, fill it out, and mail it in with payment.

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