Past Research

Below is a list of reports from more than 32 years of conducting research on gear, product and fishery development projects throughout the State of Alaska. The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, as a non-profit organization whose mission is to support stake holders and industry alike, wants to share this valuable information with interested parties; thus, we have scanned the original reports into .pdf files and made them available here for download.

There is a lot of pertinent and historical information contained in our library. If you don’t see something that you think should be there, call our office and inquire about the particular topic, project or report that is of interest to you: 907-276-7315.

Publications are organized in the following categories:

There is also a list of videos that are available at the foundation office for checking out, with some having copies available.


Investigation of tagging methods and tracking for Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) in Southcentral Alaska
Study of Killer Whales & Stellar Sea Lions
Atka Mackerel: The Invisible Fishery
Demonstration of Parasite Detection Technologies on Alaska Groundfish
Development of an Alaska Pink/Chum Salmon Product
Getting The Jump On Salmon
- Mince & Fillet Pink Salmon Block Technical Study
Groundfish Quality Project Final Report
- (includes quality poster and 1990 progress report)



Shrimp Fly Troll Gear: A Preliminary Report on Test Fishing Conducted Under EFP #41
Central Gulf of Alaska Flatfish Project Report
Predation Acoustic Prevention System Final Report, Hydro Acoustic
Profile for F/V Prowler Turbot Fishing Operations and Orca Depredation
June 27 to July 11, 2004
Southeast Outside District Rockfish: Hook-and-Line Techniques for Harvest of Underutilized Stocks
Escape Panel Strategies In Pot Fisheries



2008 By-Products Market Study
Alaskan Salmon and White Fish Oil Marketing
- (includes FDA Meeting Summary and Quality Analyses and Fatty Acid Profiles of Four Samples of Alaska Salmon Oil)
No Guts, No Glory: News about hydrolyzed fish protein form Alaska



A Sea of Sole: A compendium of the AFDF Development Project
Flatfish Processing Line Yield Improvements: Final Report



Surimi: It’s American Now!
- A compendium of the AFDF surimi Industry Development Project to bring surimi technology to America
Application of Surimi Quality Measurements to Least-Cost Linear Programming of Surimi Production formulations
Assessment of Industrial Markets for Pollock Surimi
- (Phase 1: Functional Properties)
List of U.S. Surimi Processing Companies/List of U.S. Seafood Analog companies
Opening the Door to Surimi Quality: The Quality and Preservation of Shore-Produced surimi
Partial Quality Control: Surimi/Meat Products



Alaska Salmon: From Byproducts to New Products
The Sole Source: The Alaska Flatfish Fishery
Surimi: An American Opportunity-Markets and Uses for Surimi Seafoods
Surimi: Building Block for Formulated Foods-How to Use Surimi in Processed Foods
White Gold: The Surimi Block Blues-How Surimi is Made in the U.S.