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AFDF completing MSC certification of sustainability for all Alaskan Pacific cod

After forming a working group of industry representatives in early 2006, soliciting proposals from 4 accredited certifiers, and contracting for a full assessment with Mood Marine International Ltd. in late 2007, the foundation is now within a few weeks of completing the certification process for all 8 sectors of the Pacific cod fishery. Four gear types: longline, trawl, pot and jig fisheries in … Read More »

Bibliography: Salmon Byproduct and Coproduct Research, 2003 – 2008

This bibliography provides a compilation of scientific, academic, and industry articles, both peer-reviewed and gray literature on research associated with utilization of salmon byproducts from processing. • Byproducts Bibliography 2003-2008 (PDF) Alaska Salmon: From Byproducts to New Products BIBLIOGRAPHY: PEER-REVIEWED PAPERS AND BOOKS … Read More »

AFDF has released an RFP for $100K in salmon grant funding.

Click here for more info and proposal template. … Read More »

2009 Alaska Symphony of Seafood Photo Album

2009 Alaska Symphony of Seafood photos are available including pictures of the winning entries, People’s Choice and Grand Prize winners. … Read More »

Membership Renewal

It’s time to renew your membership for 2010 in February. We want your voice to be heard. Learn More » … Read More »