Archives for August 2010

Salmon Baby Food Project

Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, in collaboration with UAF’s Fisheries Industrial Technology Center in Kodiak, University of Illinois Food Science Department, and USDA ARS, is working to help develop baby food products from Alaska’s wild salmon. A USDA grant totaling $460 K was awarded to UAF FITC and AFDF for this project. AFDF successfully worked with Ocean Beauty Seafood LLC and … Read More »

Modified Silage – a potential bridge to full waste stream utilization

AFDF has contracted with QuotaMax and FishTek, Inc. to develop a demonstration pilot plant to show the process and system design for stabilizing and recovering salmon processing waste utilizing “modified silage” from small processors in remote communities. The project is to demonstrate the design and operation of a 450 lb batch plant for salmon processors and provide a cost estimate for a 25 mt … Read More »

Omega-3: Wild Alaska Salmon

AFDF produced a video documentary, “Alaska Salmon Omega-3 – a Documentary” to increase the awareness of the sustainable source of natural omega-3 oils that are available from Alaska’s wild salmon and the value in a healthy lifestyle. The film features several aspects of this issue with a focus in four (4) major areas: the Alaska salmon industry in general; the people who work to insure sustainable … Read More »

International Conference on Seafood Technology 2010 sponsored by AFDF

AFDF is a major sponsor of this joint conference between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO’s first meeting in over 3 decades) and University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) to be held in Anchorage in May 2010. See: • Brochure • Prospectus … Read More »