NanoICE: Icelandic Invention Invades Alaska!

Methods for chilling fish have essentially been a progression of better ice products… from block ice to flake ice, from refrigerated seawater to slurry ice.  Now an invention from Icelandis poised to make its debut in Alaska, and the potential it holds for the industry is off-the-charts. The fundamental difference is that the ice particles are considerably smaller... several hundred of them … Read More »

Executive Director’s Update – September 2012

AFDF has a big sister organization; it’s a big sister because it was chartered several months before AFDF back in 1977, and represents 9 states from Virginia to Texas.  It is the Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation (GSAFF) and we are the last two remaining fisheries foundations chartered under language in the Fisheries Conservation and Management Act of 1976 (now known as the … Read More »

Senator Begich’s Bill to Increase Seafood Marketing and Development

Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) plans to introduce legislation to create a national seafood marketing and development effort to increase value and create jobs in the seafood industry.  The proposal was drafted by a nationwide coalition and is supported by 75 fishing groups and others from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. The legislation is being finalized and will … Read More »

MSC Certification Update – September 2012

Dear AFDF P cod working group members, Since it’s time for the Pacific cod “B” season 2012 to start, I wanted to get back with those working group members that work closely with longline and pot fleets in both BSAI and GoA. AFDF has contacted Mr. Kenny Downs, with the Freezer Longline Coalition, and discussed collection of lost gear information for that fishery.  Kenny has proposed some … Read More »

On the Prowl

F/V Arctic Prowler (136’ x 41’ x 26’) is being constructed at the Ketchikan shipyard by Alaska Ship and Drydock (ASD), a Vigor Industries newsletter says.  This will join the freezer/longline fleet for Alaska Longline Company when completed. John Winther, a strong supporter of AFDF and the Alaska Symphony of Seafood is the owner of the company, formerly known as Prowler Fisheries LLC. The new … Read More »

New Commercial Fisheries in the Arctic?

AFDF is interested in the Arctic as a place to develop new commercial fisheries for the Alaska fishing industry.  AFDF believes it is the appropriate organization to collaborate with researchers, policy makers and industry in an effort to develop these new resources. AFDF staff has been monitoring policy and research developments and had discussions with several key policy makers regarding its … Read More »

Renew Your Membership for 2020 or Become a New Member

Member support of AFDF is an integral part of the only statewide organization which focuses on research and development issues for the seafood industry. You can renew membership or become a new member by contacting the AFDF office at 907-276-7315, or by filling out an Online Membership Form. Since 1978, AFDF has served Alaska’s seafood industry by playing a critical role in the progress and … Read More »

20th Anniversary of Alaska Symphony of Seafood: Call for Sponsors

AFDF is proud to announce the 2013 Alaska Symphony of Seafood (ASOS) which marks the 20th anniversary of this unique event.  The Symphony is a competition for new commercial-ready products made from Alaska seafood in three categories. The ASOS was created to encourage new product development from seafood harvested in Alaska.  During its 20-year existence, over 350 unique products have been … Read More »

Fishing Vessel Energy Audit Pilot Project – Helping You Save Money!

As a part of a continuing efforts to reduce energy consumption and costs for Alaskans, the State of Alaska appropriated $250,000 to AFDF to implement a fishing vessel energy audit pilot project.  AFDF will be collaboratively working with the University of Alaska’s Marine Advisory Program (MAP) and a stakeholder Steering Committee in order to be successful in developing a useful tool for the … Read More »

Fishing Vessel Energy Audit Pilot Program

The Alaska Legislature recently appropriated funds to AFDF to create a fishing vessel energy audit pilot program.   Although the Governor still has to approve the budget, AFDF is hopeful the funding will remain in place, because the program is perfectly aligned with the state’s goal to increase energy efficiency 15% statewide by 2020.  The State of Alaska already has voluntary energy audit … Read More »