MSC certification of Pacific cod

AFDF is pleased to announce the successful completion of five-year re-certification of the Pacific cod fishery under the MSC program. Because the Pacific cod fishery has been re-certified with no conditions, the fishery has reached a “Surveillance Level 1”, which means the audit schedule will be greatly reduced. Out of four surveillance audits, only one will require an on-site visit, one will … Read More »

RFM certification of Pacific cod

As the Client, AFDF also managed the completion the 2nd annual surveillance audit (ASA) of the Pacific cod fishery. As a result, the Pacific cod fishery maintains RFM certification for all regions and all gear types across Alaska. The final report can be viewed online here. During 2016, AFDF is planning to complete the 3rd ASA for Pacific cod in coordination with the Alaska pollock and flatfish … Read More »

MSC P-Cod Certification

Bob Trumble of MRAG has filed a “variation request” to extend the P cod certifications until April 24, 2015. This will assure there are no issues with the certification. … Read More »

Pacific cod sustainability certification underway

AFDF remains the client for the MSC sustainability certification of the P-cod fishery. The 4th annual survellience audit and the 5-year re-certification is scheduled for completion by January, 2015. AFDF contracted with MRAG of Americas as the auditor, and collected the voluntary industry fees for the cost of the certification. The site visit occurred in late May in conjunction with the site visit … Read More »

MSC Certification Update – April 2013

Pacific Cod Certification Update Dear AFDF P cod working group, We are in preparation for the 3rd Annual Surveillance Audit for Marine Stewardship Council’s certification of sustainability for the Pacific cod fishery in Alaska. One of the steps in preparation is collecting the pro rata shares from the participating primary processors and fishing groups that are supporting the … Read More »

MSC Certification Update – September 2012

Dear AFDF P cod working group members, Since it’s time for the Pacific cod “B” season 2012 to start, I wanted to get back with those working group members that work closely with longline and pot fleets in both BSAI and GoA. AFDF has contacted Mr. Kenny Downs, with the Freezer Longline Coalition, and discussed collection of lost gear information for that fishery.  Kenny has proposed some … Read More »

MSC Certification Update – May 2012

Pacific Cod Certification Update AFDF is currently preparing the client report for the 2nd Annual Surveillance Audit for the Marine Stewardship Council’s certification of sustainability for Pacific cod.  More than 20 companies participate to support the certification effort, and AFDF has been successful at maintaining the client requirements, and closing out the conditions on schedule according … Read More »

AFDF completing MSC certification of sustainability for all Alaskan Pacific cod

After forming a working group of industry representatives in early 2006, soliciting proposals from 4 accredited certifiers, and contracting for a full assessment with Mood Marine International Ltd. in late 2007, the foundation is now within a few weeks of completing the certification process for all 8 sectors of the Pacific cod fishery. Four gear types: longline, trawl, pot and jig fisheries in … Read More »