Iceland Ocean Cluster continues to impress:

The Alaska Division of Economic Development (DED) and the Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC) organized a Trade Mission to Iceland from October 18-23. The trip is a result of the 2014 Innovation Summit, which brought guest speaker Thor Sigfusson, Manager and Founding Director of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, to Juneau to speak about value-added seafood products and the thriving Ocean Cluster in Iceland. The connections made at the Summit with members of the SE Alaska Ocean Cluster and the strong interest in capturing more value from our natural resources, prompted the State to work with JEDC on organizing this trade mission. The following article and excerpt are provided by the Iceland Ocean Cluster.

Icelandic ‘seafood silicon valley’ model goes to US:












Taken from: Ocean Cluster Analysis, October 2013.












Taken from: Ocean Cluster Analysis, April 2013.