MSC Certification Update – May 2012

MSCPacific Cod Certification Update

AFDF is currently preparing the client report for the 2nd Annual Surveillance Audit for the Marine Stewardship Council’s certification of sustainability for Pacific cod.  More than 20 companies participate to support the certification effort, and AFDF has been successful at maintaining the client requirements, and closing out the conditions on schedule according to the work plan we originally submitted.  The site visit is scheduled for May 29 – 31 @ Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Seattle with Intertek Moody Marine and our 3 member assessment team of Drs. Jake Rice, Don Bowen and Susan Hannah.  This will be a multi-species combined site visit for pollock, flatfish and P cod, saving AFSC staff, the clients and industry considerable cost.  Thanks to Jason Anderson of Alaska Seafood Cooperative and Ed Richardson of At-Sea-Processors Association for their coordination assistance for the visit.

Salmon Certification Update

AFDF will maintain clientship for MSC certification of Alaska salmon through October 29, 2012.