RFM certification of Pacific Cod

Update as of August 27, 2019

MSC & RFM Pacific Cod Client Group List

Both MSC and RFM provide independent, third-party certification of the management of the major Alaska commercial fisheries. Certification provides additional assurance to buyers, markets, and stakeholders that seafood from Alaska is responsibly managed and sustainable. Currently, AFDF is the Client for the MSC and RFM certification of Pacific cod. Support and membership to MSC & RFM sustainability certification programs is an ongoing industry-wide initiative. There was a broad industry agreement to support both certifications and distribute the costs based on catch by sector (Acceptable Biological Catch – ABC) throughout the fishery. Alaska’s Pacific cod fishery has maintained both certifications for all regions and gear types.

Updates on MSC and RFM Pacific Cod Certifications: April 25th, 2018
Updates on MSC and RFM Pacific Cod Certifications: December 4th, 2017


Update as of June 2017

RFM certificate COD

Update as of February, 2016

As the Client, AFDF also managed the completion the 2nd annual surveillance audit (ASA) of the Pacific cod fishery. As a result, the Pacific cod fishery maintains RFM certification for all regions and all gear types across Alaska.

During 2016, AFDF is planning to complete the 3rd ASA for Pacific cod in coordination with the Alaska pollock and flatfish fisheries in order to reduce costs for industry.