Alaskan Scallops & Foie Gras

Alyeska Resort

From Executive Chef Al Levinsohn
Alyeska Resort

Serves 4

8 ea. Fresh Alaskan scallops
8 5oz. Foie Gras
16 ea. Orange segments
16 ea. Lemon segments
8 ea. Grapefruit segments
4 oz. Toasted hazelnuts crushed
4 oz. Citrus juice
4 oz. Whole butter
Salt & pepper

Garnish Fresh greens, long chives, fried Salsify root.

Procedure: In hot pan add 2T (0.9) or clarified butter, season, sear scallops medium rare. Remove from pan, quickly sear Foie Gras, remove and add whole butter. Cook until golden brown. Add hazelnuts & citrus juice. Remove from heat and toss in citrus segments.

Note: Do not add & mix citrus segments too soon, they will break apart.

Presentation: Place scallop on the plate, top with the Foie Gras. Spoon brown butter sauce over the top. Garnish with tuff of mixed greens, long chive and fried Salsify root.