Sambal-Marinated Sablefish

Glacier Brewhouse

From Executive Chefs Scott Hoskinson (2001) & Farrokh Larijani (2000)
Glacier Brewhouse

Sambal marinated then grilled and served with won tons and caramalized noodles

Serves (4) as an entree (8) as an appetizer

6 oz. Wt. Marinated Sable fish-(Sam bal marinate, see recipe)
4oz. Yaki soba noodles
1 1/2 oz. Peanut oil/sesame mix 80/20
2oz. Bok choy
1oz. Shitaki mushroom
1 oz. Oyster mushroom
1oz. Red bell Pepper-Batonnet cut
1 oz. Carrots, Blanched rough cut
2oz. Soba sauce
1 oz. Vegie stock
Dash Togarashi seasoning
2ea. Wonton triangles
2t. Green onion diags

Sambal Marinade
Pull the fish from the marinade after two hours

1/2 cup Sweet soy sauce
1/4 cup Rice wine vinegar
1 Tbs. Ginger grated
2 tsp. Garlic
1 Tbs. Cilantro chopped
2 tsp. Sambal Olek-chili paste
1 1/2 cups. Salad oil

Season the marinated fish with salt and pepper and grill over a hot fire to the desired doneness (125 degrees). Meanwhile in a Wok pan, heat the oil over high heat and add the soba noodles, top the soba with vegetables and let the noodles caramelize until golden brown at this point you may toss all the ingredients in together so the vegetables get hot, deglaze with the soba sauce, stock and remove from heat.

Mound the noodles high on an entree plate and let any excess sauce drain onto the plate, sprinkle the noodles with Togarashi seasoning. Serve the fish against the noodles and garnish with the fried won tons and green onions.