Symphony Entrants

2019-2020 Alaska Symphony of Seafood Product Entrants

Developing new products is a risky investment of time and money. However, it is absolutely necessary for Alaska Seafood to remain competitive and positioned as a premium on the world stage. The companies that enter products all deserve special recognition, they understand that a rising tide floats all boats. In other words, when one company develops a product that increases the value of our resources, the entire industry, plus our communities, benefit. The following companies entered their innovative and amazing products into this year’s Symphony. Thank you!


SeaBear Smokehouse – SeaBear’s BSB – Brown Sugar Bourbon Smoked Salmon

Foraged & Found – Sea Asparagus Pesto

60⁰ North Seafoods LLC – Blueberry Cured Gravlax

Salmon Sisters – Smoked Tinned Coho Salmon

Salmon Sisters – Smoked Tinned Octopus

Alaskan Leader Seafoods – Wild Alaska Cod Fish n Chips Meal Kit

Barnacle Foods – Bullwhip Hot Sauce

Fishpeople – Sweet + Smoky Original Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky

SeaBear Smokehouse – Gerard & Dominique’s Wild Smoked Salmon Schmear

Tai Foong USA – Crab Ragoon

Tai Foong USA – Snow Crab with Garlic Butter

Trident Seafoods – Loaded Baked Potato Crusted Wild Alaska Pollock Fillets

Food Service

High Liner Foods – Alaska Wild Wings – Southern Style

Barnacle Foods – Dill Kelp Pickles

Blue Evolution – Alaskan Kombu Seaweed

Trident Seafoods – Redi Grilled Fully Cooked Wild Alaska Pollock Pieces

Tai Foong USA – Salmon Dumplings

Beyond the Plate

WILD by Nature – Alaskan Fish Fin Earrings

WILD by Nature – Alaskan Fish Skin Jewelry

Drool Central: A Mum and Pup Bakery – Pescadots