Renew Your Membership for 2020 or Become a New Member

Member support of AFDF is an integral part of the only statewide organization which focuses on research and development issues for the seafood industry. You can renew membership or become a new member by contacting the AFDF office at 907-276-7315, or by filling out an Online Membership Form.

Since 1978, AFDF has served Alaska’s seafood industry by playing a critical role in the progress and development of the industry. AFDF brings industry, scientists and policymakers together in order to collaborate in areas of research and development which are important to the industry. Through this approach, AFDF has been able to turn challenges into opportunity for the industry for the benefit of both the industry and the State of Alaska.

The AFDF Board of Directors is composed of thirteen members – five harvester representatives, five processor representatives and three support sector representatives. The Board generally meets biannually in person, and at various intervals throughout the year via teleconference.

Some highlights of AFDF’s recent work include:

  • Energy efficiency – conducting research and developing programs to help reduce high energy costs for the industry, including a new fishing vessel energy audit pilot project.
  • Alaska Symphony of Seafood – 2019 marks the 27th anniversary of this event during which over 350 unique products have been entered by small, medium and large companies.  This competition has encouraged millions of pounds of Alaska seafood to be sold as value-added products, maximizing the value of Alaska’s resources.
  • Fish waste byproducts – continued work on development of new products from fish waste, including exploring the feasibility of biogas production in conjunction with other manufacturing.
  • Reduction of halibut and salmon bycatch in the pollock fishery – continued collaboration between industry and scientists to reduce bycatch through gear innovations.
  • Sustainability certification – continued as client for MSC certification of the Pacific Cod fishery and final year as client of the salmon fishery.
  • Sweet Potatoes & Wild Alaskan Salmon Baby Food – contributed to the development of this product as a industry collaboration between Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Beech Nut.

Please take a moment to renew your tax deductible membership or become a new member to help AFDF continue this important work that will benefit your long term business interests on behalf of the industry.  In addition to AFDF’s work, you will also receive membership services, such as the following for “Sustaining Members”:  voting eligibility at general membership meetings, eligibility for seat on the Board of Directors, 2-for-1 ticket prices at all AFDF events (e.g. Alaska Symphony of Seafoods in Seattle or Juneau), company name, logo and link to website listed on AFDF’s website, and new member introduction in AFDF’s newsletter. Online Membership Form