RFM certification of Alaska salmon

NL5Acting as Client for Alaska salmon in 2015, AFDF is pleased to announce the completion of the 3rd annual surveillance audit (ASA). As a result, the Alaska salmon fishery maintains RFM certification for all regions, all gear types, and all salmon species. The final report can be viewed online here. At this time, no other certification besides RFM covers all Alaska salmon statewide.

The 4th ASA for Alaska salmon is currently underway with the certification body (CB), GlobalTrust. Since a second CB (DNV) has recently received accreditation to work in the Alaska RFM Program, AFDF issued an RFP to complete the five-year re-certification of Alaska salmon in 2016. AFDF reviewed the proposals and awarded the contract to GlobalTrust. AFDF remains committed to finding efficiencies for industry and representing its best interests.

Certificate Salmon reissued Jan 2016 (with extension thru 2016-12-11)