WANTED: Vessel Owners & Energy Auditors for Fishing Vessel Energy Audit Pilot Project

Alaska Energy

The high cost of fuel is a challenge that affects the entire seafood industry. Over 8,000 commercial fishing vessels are licensed in Alaska. The operation of fishing vessels accounts for a large percentage of the fuel consumption in the seafood industry. This is a significant area to target for energy efficiency and fuel savings.

In response to high fuel costs, the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF) is launching a Fishing Vessel Energy Audit Pilot Project. The intent of the project is to identify fuel savings through energy efficiency practices or upgrades onboard fishing vessels in Alaska. According to other examples of vessel energy audits and management plans, fishing vessels have a potential to reduce energy use through improved efficiency by 15-40%. This Pilot Project will conduct energy audits of fishing vessels. The results of the audits will be provided to the vessel owners and other fishermen with vessels of similar size and/or gear types. The final analysis of this Pilot Project will also help to inform a potential long term program in the State of Alaska.

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AFDF is collaborating with the University of Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program (MAP), the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) and industry representatives through a Steering Committee to provide input on this Pilot Project, which is funded by a grant from the Alaska Legislature and administered through the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development (DCCED).

AFDF is looking for owners of fishing vessels who are interested in volunteering to participate in this Pilot Project. These vessel owners will receive free audits in exchange for information regarding energy systems and use during normal fishing operations on their vessel and approximately 1-2 days of vessel and owner time in order to coordinate and perform the walk-through audit. Due to limited funding, the Pilot Project will be restricted to vessels between 30 and 125 feet in length. To find out more about volunteering to participate in this Pilot Project, contact Julie Decker at jdecker@afdf.org .

AFDF has issued an RFP from qualified contractors to provide vessel energy auditing and energy efficiency management (EEM) services for the development and implementation of this Pilot Project. The fishing vessel energy audits will provide analyses of energy use and cost, and recommendations to reduce energy use and cost for these specific vessels and in a format applicable to other vessels with similar characteristics and operational patterns.