Sustainability Certification

CSC Now Owner of RFM Certification Program

Sustainability is nothing new in Alaska. Alaska has always been deeply committed to ensuring that its seafood can be enjoyed by generations to come. In order to provide credible verification of what Alaska has been doing for over fifty years, Alaska Seafood companies offer a choice in certification: Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM). Both MSC and RFM provide independent, third-party certification of the management of the major Alaska commercial fisheries. The certification will help to enhance the Alaska origin as a leading source of sustainable seafood. Certification will provide additional assurance to buyers, markets, and stakeholders that seafood from Alaska is responsibly managed.MSCLogonew1

In 2004, AFDF received a grant to investigate the feasibility of MSC certification for the Pacific cod fishery. Since that time, AFDF has been actively involved in seafood sustainability certification as clients on behalf of industry participants.

Currently, AFDF is the Client for the MSC and RFM certification of Pacific cod. AFDF is also the Client for the MSC and RFM certification of Alaska Salmon.

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